1770 was started in 2005 by Alex Binnie and Jason Mosseri. For the first 11 years we were called Into You 2 – we were the “sister” shop to the famed Into You in London, sadly now closed. With the closure of Into You we decided it would be appropriate to change our name for 2 reasons – firstly we wanted to forge ahead with our own unique identity, and secondly it was felt that upon the closure of Into You in St John St, Clerkenwell, the name should die with the premises.

Why 1770?

1770 has links to the history of tattooing, Brighton’s historic past and the golden age of exploration that we love. It also suits the building, so we picked it! It just felt right.

1770 continues the groundbreaking reputation of Into You, internationally regarded as one of the foremost custom tattoo shops in the country. We make high quality tattooing, in a variety of styles, with love, care and passion. Our lovely building is just minutes from the sea in the heart of Brighton.We also stock a selection of books, jewellery, T-shirts and tote bags. We hope to see you very soon!

Excerpt from “A brief history of Into You” by Alex Binnie
What it’s been about is trying to do something different, certainly at the time and in London there was nothing like us. We never saw tattooing as a JOB, but a vocation, a calling, a path. And the shop was more a life raft, a meeting place, a safe haven for people like us, we never saw it as just a business. Goodness knows how we kept it together for so long, it was pretty crazy at times, but we did and it was great and thanks to everyone who came and trusted us to tattoo them. It WAS amazing!

Alex is currently “retired” from tattooing.